Functionality, Usability, Brand, Design, Quality, and Price = Product Experience.

The most successful products will offer a competitive balance of these elements.  We start by understanding the gap between the experience consumers are offered today, and the one they aspire to have. 

Through that understanding, we can develop a product design strategy that defines a successful experience. That becomes the measuring stick that we use to guide our development.  From opportunity space to manufactured parts, we have a suite of tools that are proven to work.

You can't build a skyscraper without pouring a solid foundation. Let us help you achieve your goals by launching product experiences that delight consumers and build loyalty to your brand.


To get to the right solution, you need the right process

Launch Innovation Balance Wheel


Balanced criteria establishes project targets
 that are most likely to deliver a branded
experience that resonate with consumers.

Launch Innovation Balance Wheel 2


Imbalance causes some stakeholders to overcompromise in order to achieve a solution. In this example, the price must rise to achieve
a specific design.