Nobody likes to sit on a wet seat.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to avoid on a boat.

Additionally, trapped moisture can cause mold and rot to occur over time.


We partnered with ITW Dahti, Herman Miller and Quantum Textiles to bring a technology, common in office furniture, to Marine-  Pellicle Mesh seating surfaces.

These seats are extremely comfortable but they allow water to pass through freely.

Working with Quantum, we developed a version of pellicle mesh that would be both UV resistant and comfortable on bare skin.  ITW Dahti specializes in capturing pellicle mesh in injection molded components. All of which was made possible through a license agreement with Herman Miller to utilize their intellectual property.

Visionair Boat Seat Tech - Launch Innovation

The award winning Visionair seat by Brunswick has full pellicle mesh seating surfaces that are always dry, over shock mitigation for wave impacts and is a breathable no stick surface that is comfortable and durable.

Modular components can be added to the seat to brand dress the technology for different boat companies. This allows each manufacturer to develop a distinctive look to their interiors while utilizing proven core technology.


Visionair Boat Seat at Helm - Launch Innovation