Bilge Pumps are a small but critical component on a boat.  They keep excess water from accumulating inside the hull. A simple bilge pump failure can cripple even the largest vessels. 

Bilge pumps utilize electric motors which cannot live forever, especially in wet environments. For that reason, they are replaced often and it’s not easy to do so. 

In order to remove water from the lowest point in the hull, Bilge pumps are located under the motor and are connected to multiple hoses.  Replacing a pump is difficult, detailed work that is often out of sight. 

Tools for Normal Bilge Pumps

Only replace the motor.  After all, the motor is the point of failure and replacing it does not require and hose detachment from the pump body.  

Tsunami Bilge Pumps Sketches

Available in 3 color coded sizes, Attwood Tsunami pumps allow the user to quickly detach the motor cartridge with one hand, and without having to actually see the pump. The intuitive grip design provides bold tactile feedback that allows the user to orient and replace new motor cartridges.

Tsunami Bilge Pumps - Attwood