Window blinds look the same and it is hard to distinguish one brand from the other. This is also true for sister brands Levolor and Kirsch. Additionally, the points of contact on the product have seen little attention over the years in terms of both design and user experience.

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In conjunction with the development of a new design language for the Levolor and Kirsch brands, and identifying the guardrails, a set of consumer touch points was created for each brand. This is to differentiate themselves from the competition, and each other. Through consumer research, it was determined that there was an opportunity to elevate the user experience through the quality and feel of each contact point.

To further elevate the brands in the minds of the consumer, a signature series package was developed with metal accents and coordinating wood finishes that delivers a premium aesthetic and feel.


Levolor and Kirsch launched the very successful Custom Wood Blinds program with the new consumer touch points and have distanced themselves within a near commoditized category. With the new design language, each brand has a foundation to build upon for the future and expand out to other categories.