The benefits of buying new window coverings can sometimes be overshadowed by the complexity of the purchase process.  Windows come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Therefore, even off the shelf blinds often need to be cut to match consumer specific needs.

In order to facilitate this, companies like Levolor provide each store with specialized equipment that certain associates must be trained to use in order to properly cut the products for consumers.

The process is slow, leaves high margin for error and delivers inconsistent quality depending on the skill of the associate.

Solving this problem meant redesigning the experience, both for the associate and the consumer.  The solution needed dramatically reduce the amount of expertise required to size blinds, deliver consistent quality, inspire confidence to the consumer and elevate the Levolor Brand.

ACUPOLLL- Block Out Strips crop.jpg

Using our Stakeholder Voices process, we identified consumers and associates that surrounded our problem. This 360 interview process allowed us to capture insights. We used the voices to facilitate several sessions with the internal cross-functional team to distill the results down to actionable criteria.


Levolor delivered an elevated consumer experience by automating the purchase process.  The packaging was redesigned to create the necessary clamp force on the products to allow them to be cut inside the box.  The technology was developed to not only cut a wide variety of materials, but to do it cleanly and extract any dust or waste.

Today, consumers can walk into any Lowes store and have their blinds cut in a matter of minutes with the help of almost any associate. No specialized training is required and the process is fast, consistent and iconic for their brand experience.