Fishing rod holders are great. They act as an extra set of hands that are often needed.  Whether paddling your kayak, tending to your gear, or just tending several lines at once, rod holders are assets on the water.

The long standing issue has been that in order to be effective, they have to do two opposite things really well: keep your gear secure, but virtually disappear when you are trying to set the hook.


ACUPOLLL- Block Out Strips crop.jpg

Conventional rod holders typically solve this with a locking mechanism that must be disabled before the rod can release. Theses are a source of frustration to anglers because when a fish strikes, the hook must be set as quickly as possible or risk losing the fish.  In these critical seconds, locking mechanisms are simply in the way, preventing access to the rod, to set the hook and catch the fish.

The Stealth QR-1 takes a different approach.

Our design features a simple elastomer cam grip that grips the fishing rod handle, but releases it when the angler pulls up. Exactly the motion required to set the hook.

Stealth keeps gear secure, allows for greater control and virtually eliminates down line vibration.  And, it does it with only one moving part.

Constructed of Engineering grade composites and elastomers, Stealth Products are built to endure the elements.


Catch More Fish!
With Stealth, when a fish is on, the angler doesn’t even need to touch the rod holder.  And, when a fish strikes, just pull up to set the hook in one easy motion.

Catch the one that got away instead.