How do you turn a negative reality into an experience that elevates your brand?

Windows come in a lot of shapes and sizes. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for a retailer to hold in inventory all the sizes their customers could demand. The solution has long been to custom cut blinds, in the store, as the customer waits. This is a painful experience for both the retailer and the consumer.
For the retailer, custom cutting blinds means having specifically trained associates that understand how the cutting machines work.  Because of the variety of blind types, there are often several types of cutting tools and complex measuring devices.  There is a lot of room for error and the quality of the result is often highly dependent on the skills and experience of the in-store associate.
During our research, we went to several stores and posed as customers needing custom sizing and we were shocked by the variety of ways we were dissuaded from purchasing.  In some cases, trained associates were simply not available and we were told to come back later or go to a competitor. In other cases, the skill of the associate made us question the quality and precision of the process. There were also great associates that delivered an amazing customer experience, but, your chance of getting that associate is slim if the store is busy.  Additionally, while the associate is cutting blinds, he or she is unavailable to other customers looking for help.
As a consumer, the stakes feel high as well.  As blinds are being cut, customers can feel anxious about the accuracy of their own measurements.  And, if since most rooms have several windows, it can be time consuming.
Overall, Elevating this experience had to make sense for both the retailers and their customers. The solution is the Levolor Smart Machine.
It's so simple that no specialized training is needed. Virtually any associate can use it. And, since it’s fully automated, they are free to assist other customers during the cutting process.
Blinds are inserted into the machine fully packaged.  The associate enters the desired measurements into a touchscreen, and the machine goes into motion.  It’s fast and gives consistent quality and precision. It even vacuums out any dust. And, for the consumer, the process instills confidence, is faster and fun to watch.  The touchscreen scrolls additional product information such as installation tips, recommendations needs, and information on sales and promotions.
The Levolor Smart Machine takes the complexity out and delivers a simple and fun experience that elevates the Brand and delivers consistent quality. All the while ensuring that someone will always be available the keep your project moving