With the increase in popularity of the pontoon boats, this segment of the marine industry has greatly expanded. There are luxury and sport models that go well into six figure territory, while other models cater towards a more value driven customer. Most pontoon helms of the past were very functional, but had little attention paid to style. That is all changing with an increasingly crowded market and evolving expectations of the customer. With this in mind, how do you create a new helm for a value focused customer that provides a more sporty/aggressive style that differentiates from the field.


ACUPOLLL- Block Out Strips crop.jpg

The main focus of the design was to provide a more sporty instrument cluster while incorporating aggressive lines into the fiberglass helm. The wraparound layout easily keeps all instrumentation within reach and provides excellent sight lines. Because this is a value solution, a level of modularity had to be incorporated to accommodate different tiered offerings. The most basic involves a set of analog gauges and a storage box, while a higher offering incorporates a touchscreen display and a vinyl wrapped top cap.


The result is a helm that really elevates the experience for this customer. With exciting style, more aggressive feel, and improved functionality, buying a pontoon boat doesn’t mean you have to settle on your navigation experience.

The new Lund helm is available on all three LX pontoon models.

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