Drying hair is a result of 2 factors: Heat and Volume of air.

The key to solving this problem was to identify a way to increase the velocity of the air without upgrading to expensive, commercial grade AC motor systems.


To achieve this, we worked with PAX Scientific, a world leader in Bio mimicry science and technology (www.paxscientific.com), to develop a revolutionary fan design that allowed us to deliver performance that exceeded the air velocity ( CFM – Cubic Feet per Minute) of professional hair dryers. All while using the exact same motor system as any common hairdryer, and without adding any additional parts or cost.

In fact, it worked so well, that conventional heating elements cooled down during the first 

30 seconds of use. To solve this, we upgraded the heating system to generate more heat more quickly.  By doing so, the hairdryer was able to deliver larger volumes of hot air, consistently.

Designer Joe Palermo was challenged to bring the technology story to the surface. The patented swirl shape differentiated from the competition and reflected the Bio mimicry story behind the technology

Flash Dry fan design - Launch Innovation

As a result, The Goody Flash Dry is able to dry a woman’s hair almost 40% faster than any other mass market hairdryer. And, it does it at a price point that is well below its professional equivalents.

Flash Dry Blowing Hair - Launch Innovation