The existing collections of Calphalon cutlery were designed to be channel specific and not as a cohesive cutlery line that fully represents the brand. Different price points present unique challenges and allow for certain features and materials to be offered as the price point escalates. The question becomes: how can Calphalon create a new cutlery line, at the opening price point, while incorporating the current visual brand language and lay out guardrails for all future cutlery collections at all price points.


ACUPOLLL- Block Out Strips crop.jpg

Using our Guardrail process, we analyzed the current Calphalon collections, identified competitors and opportunities, as well as created guardrails, not only for the new collection being created, but for all future cutlery. These guardrails identified key development areas such as deign elements, material choices, and manufacturing methods. This allows for a more stream lined development process and incorporates a larger brand vision. 


Calphalon delivered a new Classic Cutlery line that elevates the user experience through enhanced design and ergonomics. Careful attention was paid to the balance of the knife, the feel of the handle, and a design that promotes proper usage and safety. A new feature that was expanded to all cutlery lines was a new self-sharpening system incorporated into the block. Every time a knife is taken in or out, this sharpening feature goes to work.

In addition to a great new cutlery line for consumers, Calphalon has the guardrails in place for the future to develop the right product quicker, and with a cohesive brand image and experience.