At the time, the wheeled cooler options featured the same configuration of wheels and handle.  The cooler was pulled with a handle on one end and the wheels on the other.  This configuration only provided a slight physical advantage.  You were still lifting the majority of the weight of the cooler.  The maneuverability was also challenging with the heavy weight as well as the large turning radius and physical strain.


After evaluating the physics and user insights, we re-configured the handle and wheels and incorporated features that users value in real use situations. 

We used wheeled carry-on luggage as inspiration.  By putting the handle and wheels on the back side of the cooler, we created a noticeable physical advantage.  In an obstacle course that simulated real world environments, we observed users effortlessly pulling 50 pounds over curbs and rough terrain.  We also used a carry-on luggage type collapsible handle.  This type of handle is very easy to use, strong, and compact.  In addition, we swapped the small blow-molded wheels for larger rubber tread wheels.


As a result, the Endurance Cooler set the standard for wheeled coolers.  The configuration, that we created, is now used across the industry.  After over 10 years, the Endurance cooler is still in production as initially design.