Kids, these days, are serious about training.  They are training like professional athletes, yet their shoes do not perform like professional shoes.


With insights and input from record-breaking running back Ladainian Tomlinson, we created a kids shoe that provides professional performance.

To achieve this performance, we identified the 3 essential elements of a shoe that is capable of making quick powerful cuts.

First, it has to be lightweight.  The shoe should feel like an extension of your foot, and not something bulky that slows you down or adds additional stress on your knees.

It’s then about connecting your foot to the shoe and the shoe to the turf.  The fit (or foot-to-shoe connection), should be snug yet comfortable, and allow no unnecessary movement.  We achieved

this with a shoe upper that purposefully locks down your foot in 2 distinct zones.  The midfoot and forefoot is locked down with rigid overlays and an adjustable strap.  Conversely, the area around the ankle is made of a reinforced padded open mesh that ties the foot down but also allows flexibility.

The shoe worked so well that Ladainian requested to have this design made into a cleat.  He wore the cleat during the 2006 NFL season with great success.  In fact, Ladainian set 3 NFL records.  Those records include 28 rushing touchdowns, 31 total touchdowns, and 186 total points.  At the end of the 2006 season, the shoes were put into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Center Pic.jpg

As a result, the LT Scream shoe not only enabled a hall of fame NFL season, but is enabling young athletes to train like a hero, in hopes that they too can run into to the hall of fame someday.